Sundari means 'Beauty' in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India... not only outer physical beauty but more importantly, inner beauty. Sundari believes all women are the Embodiment of the Goddess. She is a mother, dance artist, wild woman, healer, yoga teacher, and well versed in the erotic arts. She is intuitive, intelligent, wise, sensual, powerful and very caring

Wanting to heal her own issues around relationships and sexuality, Sundari started to study Tantra 6 years ago. It began with a book entitled, 'The Art of Sexual Ecstasy', by Margo Anand. Since then she has learned and practiced as much as she can about Tantra. She has met and worked with several teachers in the Tantra community. Sundari has a long and rich background in yoga and is a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Her yoga path has lead her to study yoga in India, Thailand and California. She is also Reiki I Certified. 



Heal. Power. Freedom