Heal. Power. Freedom

I have been thinking about our session today. I am overwhelmed with the learning and pleasure combination. I'm also feeling lucky that I was able to spend time with one of the most beautiful women I've met in the world...not only outside but inside too. Brian

Just wanted to let you know that was an amazing session. I learned a lot and it felt great. I can't wait to use the techniques you taught me. 
I would love to keep building on it and schedule another session in the near future. 
One of the weirdest parts of the experience was the sensation of energy coming from my hands...felt like they were radiating with energy and wanted to float to the top of my body. It was like there were big helium balloons tied to my wrists. 
I also felt all the energy moving up through my body.

Looking forward to our next visit :)


From the moment I met Sundari, I felt relaxed and realized I was in the presence of a beautiful and talented woman. She has a warm, kind and inviting personality, and fully engages you in experiencing sensual touch all over your body. She is a skilled Tantra practitioner who uses powerful methods of breath, body movement and touch to arouse and help you realize your sexual energy potential. I leave each pleasurable session in a state of bliss and look forward to my next visit with Sundari.​

John A

Hey Sundari...
Those stress relieving techniques from last time were so helpful.  I'm very appreciative and looking forward to learning more.
Take Care, Jim

I love the people I get to work with everyday! I learn so much and it inspires me to know more, so that I may share my wisdom of the Tantra yoga practice. Connecting with others and guiding them towards better health, happiness, pleasure and freedom.

The following is a collection of kind and generous words from Happy Clients. 

I just wanted to thank you again for your loving and energetic touch and support on Monday. The knot has released and my body is flowing in a new way and has given me the strength and courage to cut more chords and release...Looking forward to seeing you again. Ben

Hi Sundari,
I am so glad that I visited and learned from you. I know now that Tantra is the way for me to achieve  levels of harmony and appreciation in my sexual life. As I told you at the end of our session, I need to trust a person a lot and it was only because of your sensitive nature that I was able to open and immerse. The energy you gave me was so strong that I had a hard time driving my car. Thanks for opening a new chapter in my life!

With gratefulness from the bottom of my heart, Michael