Heal. Power. Freedom

My sessions have evolved over time and I use a variety of different modalities drawing from my knowledge and personal experience of Tantra, kundalini yoga, relaxation, breath work, guided meditation, body awakening, awakening the senses, freedom from blocks and body armoring and chakra energy healing. Most sessions involve Tantric touch, which could be considered "original touch". Its light, feathery touch on surface of the skin to re sensitize the whole body, gently awaken to pleasure, trust, healing and circulate life force energy. This is absolutely not a 'massage' with oil. If you are only interested in the service of physical pleasure, Tantra will not work and this is not what I offer.

Sessions are based on individual/couple needs and although I have a framework, each session can be different from another. I can tailor your session, giving you a personal, beautiful, and powerful experience. 

Just some of the Benefits of Tantra...
-A way to experience a deeper connection, more love and intimacy and a way to break barriers to these
-Heal sexual issues and past emotional wounds
-Balancing masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves and in lovemaking
-Rejuvenation in health and tapping into the fountain of youth
-Prolong pleasure
-Elevate sex to a sacred art
-Empower women to be treated like goddesses with respect and love, an honor they desire and deserve rather than sexual objects to be consumed
-Empower men to become healers, more confident, open and loving

Booking and Cancellation Policy
Your appointment time is valuable and has been reserved specifically for you. If it is necessary to reschedule, please provide me with 24 hours notice.

If you cancel 2 appointments less then 24 hours in advance, I will require a non-refundable deposit of $25 for a next appointment. If you are a No call/no show, I will not re-book with you. Please make sure you can commit to the time and that you are genuinely interested in Tantra. 

​When contacting me, please tell me your name, how you heard about me and why you are interested in Tantra. Please use respectful, family friendly language.  If you text words and phrases like, 'hey', 'happy endings',  or 'massage' or  use crude language, you may not get a response. Thank you.

“The desire for sexual expression is by far the strongest and most impelling of all the human emotions...when harnessed and transmuted into action may raise one to status of a genius.” -Napolean Hill, Think And Grow Rich

Tantra is about sex....but its not only about sex. Tantra is about enjoying physical pleasure... but its not only about physical pleasure. Tantra is a multidimensional path and Sexuality is only one part. Tantra is about experiencing everything as sacred, and a celebration, including sexuality. When it comes to sexuality, Tantra is about connecting deeply on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Tantra becomes a way of living.

Sexual energy, which is the most powerful energy in our bodies, can be expanded and transformed. It is a form of the energy of life, which sustains human beings and the entire universe. It can be harnessed and enhance sexual pleasure, but also heal the body, open the heart, deepen intimacy and spiritual oneness.

Tantric sex uses energy as well as physical means to bring pleasure, love, presence, and deep lasting satisfaction to your sex life. Tantric sex is truly enlightened sex.